Jewels in Ferment: the theme of 2013 competition


Contemporary Jewellery exhibition Torre Fornello Award – third edition

May 12-30 2013

Opening Sunday May 12th 4 p.m. at Torre Fornello Vineyard, Fornello di Ziano Piacentino, Italian Wine District, Italy

in collaboration with AGC – Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo and JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair Barcelona

A competition open to designers, artists, goldsmiths and handcrafters, for contemporary jewellery inspired by the following theme:

the sense of taste seeking for flavours: great skill in combining and refining

like wine aging in barriques, like a dish consisting of a perfect harmony of flavours, colours and scents, to wear a unique piece of jewellery speaks to us of the same feeling

Every yaer  Gioielli in Fermento/Jewels in ferment  aims to gather the infinitely individual expressions of contemporary jewellery artists in relation to popular passions: wine and taste.

* * *

the sense of taste

seeking for flavours: great skill in combining, wine pairing and refining

like the wine aging in barriques, like a dish consisting of a perfect harmony of flavours, colours and scents, to wear a unique piece of jewellery speaks to us of the same feeling

This Year the theme concerns how much the “world of taste” (high quality wine&food products, haute cuisine, and tourism linked to wine and typical local produce) has to share with  that micro-macro-world of contemporary jewellery, designed and produced as unique pieces or limited edition jewellery:  the concept of taste as an instrument of individual expression, material and immaterial simultaneously.

As the Italian cooking Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi says: “…the raw material is the shape. If You deeply love the raw material, as I do, the material itself will suggest the best way not to denature it“.

People who make wine, or who cook, have the same concept and take the same care a goldsmith does to give life to his materials: winemaker, chef, goldsmith.

It is not only a matter of excellent handcrafting and of possessing and employing great skill, it has become, in my opinion,  an ever stronger necessity to define a role and a working method which strats from an individual demand for high qualification and leads to a new and shared productive model for self-made works.

I suggest reading this quotation in the hope it will contribute, alongside this small additional focal point that is Gioielli in Fermento, to lighting the way for the future of contemporary jewellery in the same way that success and attention to the world of high quality wine&food are currently developing:

Sharing knowledge – Compartir el conocimiento; in catalan, Compartir el coneixement (La consolidació d’un estil, la importancia de compartir. in  Ferran Adrià i elBulli Risc, llibertat i creativitat, Ferran Adrià, Fundacion ElBulli.)

In the late 1990s, avant-garde cuisine took a major turn. For the very first time, in a world that had tended more towards secrecy, chefs realised that cooking would evolve more quickly if everyone shared what they had discovered. This knowledge exchange was carried out against the backdrop of courses and conferences that began to be organized at that time…

if You replace the word chef with designer

and cooking with jewellery, well, then You have the spirit of Gioielli in Fermento 2013

Gioielli in Fermento 2013 _Announcement


6 pensieri su “Jewels in Ferment: the theme of 2013 competition

  1. .

    more considerations about this edition background….

    other statements from famous chef:

    “we create a language, emotion provocation, sense of humor, reflection… what happens in life is mirrored by what happens in the kitchen” (Jose’ Andrés)

    “the reasons for eating is the experience.. what modern spanish cookery has added to the equation – we eat to feed ourselves – is ‘the experience’ of eating a meal. Eating as entertainment” (Ferran Adrià)

    and then,
    allow me to make a comparison with the statement of an expert of contemporary jewellery and important gallery owner in Munich:

    “Jewellery must reflect the personality of the artist, through powerful and unique appearance captivating, underline the charisma of the wearer. As a jewellery designer and gallery owner I’m always looking for jewellery artists that reach these outlooks with high level of innovation and wealth of tension shown in their work and have the courage to go unusual ways.” (Isabella Hund)

    so we are looking for a jewel that will inspire your senses in the way you want to hit, gently or harshly, according to what you desire to communicate …
    at your best… to let people taste it deeply


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