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Floral Print of Formosa (Lilium kanahirai)

Gioielli in Fermento 2016. 

In information rapidly transmitted 21st Century digital cameras and mobile
phones preserve 
the beauty of nature. Digital photos pass around on internet
through Facebook and Google. 
When people download more and more photos,
people keep nature farther and farther. 
Taiwan is a small island in Asia, more
than half of Taiwan is mountainous and heavily forested, 
with various flora and butterflies. I make jewellery as winemaker, I catch my inspiration from nature
turn into jewellery by my hand as winemaker turn the grapes into wine.
When examining the landscape and 
creatures on the computer, we can see all the
details by google search, but we can’t touch or feeling how beautiful 
they are in real.
That’s why I used laser cutting which used on industrial processes deal with stainless
steel, and combine with organic handed embroidery and beading created the impact between technology and nature which correspond to the subject.
The series “Floral Print of Formosa” has chosen the unique local species which can
simply symbolize the beauty 
of Taiwan. The pictures were at first downloaded from
the internet then meshing into digital grids by Photoshop. 
Those pieces however turn
out to be some amazing jewelry ever. The artworks expressed the detail of nature 
like petals of flowers through Chinese traditional hand embroidery as Italian winemaker
use traditional technique 
making good wine. The threads significantly weaving out
the technicolor of nature.


Heng Lee | Kaohsiung TW

spilla, brooch 2016
alpacca, doratura, alluminio, acrilici, filo e organza di seta
german silver, gold plated, aluminium, spray paint, thread, organza silk

Gioielli in Fermento 2016


Heng Lee Heng Lee
Floral Print of Formosa (Phalaenopsis formosana)
spilla, brooch
Floral Print of Formosa (Dancing-Doll Orchid)
orecchini, earrings 

alpacca, doratura, alluminio, acrilici, filo e organza di seta
german silver, gold plated, aluminium, spray paint, thread, organza silk


Heng Lee, classe 1985  vive e lavora a Taiwan o l’antica isola di Formosa,
dove ha perfezionato i suoi studi universitari e ha trovato l’ispirazione
per stabilire un dialogo tra antiche tecniche decorative e la
comtemporaneità dell’era digitale.
Ha partecipato a tutte le più importanti manifestazioni sul gioiello
contemporaneo negli Stati Uniti e con la sua presenza a Monaco nel 2014
vincitore del premio BKV 2013 per le arti applicate della Camera Bavarese,
ha affermato in tutta Europa l’originalità del suo lavoro.

Heng Lee,   1985, Kaohsiung -Taiwan.
After his Bachelor of Arts and Design at the National Hsinchu University of
Education in Taiwan, in 2008-2011 had a Master of Applied Art (MFA),
Matelsmithing and Jewelry, Taiwan National University of the Arts.

Selected and awarded in most of the Us and European art jewellery exhibitions, 
in 2013 was selected for the BKV prize 2013 and his work was exhibited for
Schmuck 2014 in Munich by the Bavarian Crafts Council.

for further enquiries about the pieces and purchasing please write to gioiellinfermento@gmail.com

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Gioielli in Fermento 2016 – Premio Torre Fornello VI edizione
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