Paola Perez

Paola Perez, In vino veritas, brooch

In vino veritas

Gioielli in Fermento 2016. Un gioiello, come il vino,
è una miracolosa combinazione tra 
libertà e vincolo.

Paola Perez | Bogotà CO

spilla, brooch 2016
argento, acciaio, bronzo, rame, gemme naturali di granato e agata,
materiale ferromagnetico
silver, steel, bronze, copper, natural gems, garnet and agate, ferromagnetic

Gioielli in Fermento 2016

“The earth is a super organism, made up of a network of living organisms
which through their interaction form the delicate equilibrium”.
(James Lovelock)

During the birth of grapes in the fields, like the birth of gems in the interior
of the earth’s crust, there have been a set of specific conditions that together:
like temperature, pressure, time, among others, have given origin to their

In this work I alude to the fruits of the earth: to the grapes to the gems; to the
interaction of forces, to beauty, to existence, to equilibrium and color. A brooch
that represents a union of distinct factors that takes us to particular results.


Paola Perez vive e lavora a Bogotà, in Colombia.

Paola Perez lives and works in Bogotà, Colombia.

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Gioielli in Fermento 2016 – Premio Torre Fornello VI edizione
Le assegnazioni | The Awards