Gioielli in Fermento 20|21



The unprecedented situation in which we have been living for several weeks because of C-19 pandemia and which makes it impossible for us to plan an international exhibition in the short term, has prompted us to reformulate the characteristics of the project. The call has been re-opened in order to make a double edition in Spring 2021 possible.

To give emphasis to this anomalous period, we decided to record this transition between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and confinement – called the ANTE – and what gives that moment onwards involved rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles – called the POST.

The concept of the works can just reflect a creative ‘motus’ that registers, undergoes, reacts to changes – from a conceptual point of view, from a practical point of view, from an existential point of view.

Hence our proposal to connect to the theme of a POST Covid-19 creative evolution.

And the real challenge, which, at your choice, you will be free to grasp, will be to compare what has already been achieved – for example the work selected in a past edition – with your creative inspiration for the future.

Download the Call for entries [HERE ♦ until January 31 .2021]
>>>  . Bando Gioielli in fermento 2020_ENG

  • open call for established and emerging artists and designers, to present a theme work of experimental jewellery, still unreleased
  • unreleased – unprecedented work – the award will be contingent upon the distinguished factor of the work to be new, never seen or published before
  • evaluation elements: balanced combination of concept, form, individual character, harmony with the body, structure, freshness in use or accuracy of making techniques
  • admitted works: body ornaments
    necklace, pendant, brooch, ring, earrings, other wearable ornament
    (clothing excluded)
  • 2-step selection: first step | pictures + second step | real view of the work

[Online registration HERE ♦ until January 31 .2021]

  • ESTABLISHED / EMERGING professional section
    online registration deadline:  FEBRUARY 23.  2020 (work’s pictures and data)  NEW DEADLINE JANUARY 31 . 2021
  • SELECTED works consignment by February. 2021
  • selected work should be available for the exhibiting circuit all year 2021 at least
  • STUDENTS / SCHOOLS section
    online registration deadline: JANUARY 31. 2020 (work’s pictures and data)
  • STUDENT works consignment by MARCH 31. 2021

Application fee for new applicants (NO fee is due if already submitted in 2020) :

the application fee is due for : sharing costs of competition’s processing + expenses for return shipment of NOT selected works are included + 1 copy of Gioielli in Fermento 20|21 Catalog double edition. 
[for all entries, whether selected or not]

the application fee does NOT include :
the following additions may be requested for selected works IF entry’s information will not be sent on time or will not fulfill editing requirements

  • text translations and review  (60 €)
  • photos / shooting and editing (40 €)

Gioielli in Fermento 2020

thanks to:

Archivio Negroni – Milano
JOYA Art Jewellery and Objects – Barcelona
LAO Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School – Firenze
Le Donne del Vino dell’Emilia Romagna
SPV srl – Borgonovo Val Tidone

cover by @ievabondare