Summer, Jewellery, hot spots

Estate, gioielli, punti caldi
(testo italiano: qui)

Few more days and more artists from Gioielli in Fermento #gallery
will be featured here 

Summer brings us new energies to further plans, so please stay tuned
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Just a short list to sail through our 5th edition highlights:

  • more than 130 artists involved  (more than 300 in 5 editions)
  • 37 selected artists and 20 students (153 in 5 editions)
  • 8 reserved pieces by now   (48 in 5 editions)
    – please ask for still available pieces! –
  • 1000 copies 144 pages catalogue available
  • a 3000 Eu budget for assigned prizes
  • more than 200 parcels shipped in a year
  • more than 1800 e-mails to go through last edition …
  • already 5 pop-up events in 3 months after main exhibition:
    May 9-10 Seminar by Charon Kransen (Torre Fornello, Italy)
    May 18     
    Expo2015 Piazzetta Piacenza (Milano Expo2015, Italy)

    June 11     Festa Associazione Stampa Estera (Palazzo Clerici, Milano, Italy)
    June 13/July 26  Hosted exhibition at Museo del Bijou (Casalmaggiore, Italy)
    June 23   Streghe di Vino e di Verso hosted pop-up at Villa Cialdini-Chiarli (Castelvetro, Italy)

and more upcoming on September


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