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Thank You to all visitors who stop at our booth #SE1625 at SOFA 2016
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Autori in mostra | Exhibiting artists
Susanna Baldacci, Maura Biamonti, Alina Carp, Sébastien Carré, Corrado De Meo, Clara Del Papa, Maria Rosa Franzin, Nicoletta Frigerio, Lucilla Giovanninetti, Akis Goumas, Nicola Heidemann, Mara Irsara, Marilena Karagkiozi, SunYoung Kim, Saerom Kong, Mirna Korolkovas, Heng Lee, Ria Lins, Chiara Lucato, Gigi Mariani, Mineri Matsuura, Viktoria Münzker, Daria Olejniczak, Esther Ortiz, Liana Pattihis, Mabel Pena, Paola Perez, Poppy Porter, Stefano Rossi, Stenia Scarselli, Sergio e Stefano Spivach, Claudia Steiner, Andrea Vaggione, Barbara Uderzo


comunicato stampa | press release

Gioielli in Fermento @ SOFA Chicago

Glad to announce these important step for our project: Gioielli in Fermento will be host as special exhibit at SOFA Chicago, next November 4 to 6.

Gioielli in Fermento is an international exhibition project and award for contemporary studio jewelry. Starting from the landscapes of Italy in the winemaking region of Emilia hills, it opens its borders, inviting established and emerging artists from every country to express their relation with the wine world.
Inspiration, dedication, experience, research, innovation, observation, choice, challenge: these are all elements of the creative approach that we can use to focus both on the activities of a jewellery artist or those of a winemaker. Both a piece of jewellery or a sip of wine are evocative of the individual interpretation of the raw material chosen by their maker. In both cases, the aim is turning the natural into something precious and unique.
Since 2011, six editions including near 400 artists and their works have been presented under the selection of an international board of advisors in the field, with the kind collaboration of AGC Italian Contemporary Jewelry Association, Charon Kransen Arts, Klimt02 network, Joya Barcelona and Torre Fornello Winery. The Gioielli in Fermento 2016 Torre Fornello Award went to London based artist Liana Pattihis and Korean emerging artist Sunyong Kim.

A collection of work from the 2016 edition with a selected number of iconic pieces from previous editions will be presented in this Special Exhibit at SOFA Chicago, arranged in close cooperation with Charon Kransen Arts. The gallery has been active in the competition for a while, also involving a number of guest artists and offering professional training opportunities.

The exhibition will be open till November 6th 2016
Special Exhibit Essay

About SOFA Chicago

The Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago is the premier gallery-presented art fair dedicated to three-dimensional art and design. On par with Art Basel and TEFAF Maastricht, SOFA is produced by Urban Expositions, a Clarion Events company.
Critically acclaimed and continuously running since 1994, what distinguishes SOFA from other top art events is its focus on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design. SOFA is noted for its exceptional presentation, with an elite selection of international dealers presenting for sale one-of-a-kind masterworks in handsome, custom-designed gallery exhibits.
SOFA is held annually in the fall at Chicago’s major destination, Navy Pier, with an average of 80 dealers and 35,000 people attending.


Thanks to:
SOFAexpo, Charon Kransen Arts, Gioielli in Fermento #gallerySPV Press&Display




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