Jewels in Ferment 2014: the theme of competition


Contemporary Jewellery exhibition Torre Fornello Award – fourth edition

May 4-22 2014

Opening Sunday May 4th 4 p.m. at Torre Fornello Vineyard
Fornello di Ziano Piacentino, Italian Wine District, Italy

in collaboration with AGC – Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair Barcelona and Klimt02 International Art Jewellery Online

A competition open to designers, artists, goldsmiths and handcrafters, scholars and professionals, for an unreleased piece of jewellery inspired by the following theme:

wearing intensities, wearing the colours of wine
as you can wear sensibilities, identities, mediterranean cultures, 
through a piece of contemporary jewellery

Every yaer  Gioielli in Fermento/Jewels in ferment  aims to gather the infinitely individual expressions of contemporary jewellery authors in relation to popular passions: wine and territories, looking at this terroir as an ensemble of cultural deep-rooted issues.

* * *

wearing intensities, wearing the colours of wine
as you can wear sensibilities, identities, mediterranean cultures, 

through a piece of contemporary jewellery

This Year we introduce a theme that concerns with the world of colours  as a main concept applied to the contemporary jewellery, as a means of expression at all the degrees of intensities, almost a  metaphor of all added value as it happens for instance in music in representing the real scale of intensities to perform a composition.

The authors which met our project before already testify the aim of our suggestion: as for the previous editions, Gioielli in Fermento means to think at a work designed and produced as a unique piece or limited edition jewellery and this year in particular it means to conceive the colour as an instrument of individual expression, material and immaterial simultaneously to commit to the piece the link between each single story and a wider project for the identification of that mediterranean accent such as the culture of wine and our territories may represent.

An interesting overview about the role of colours in applied arts and design and some quite inspirating statements can be found among others into professor Manlio Brusatin’s readings and other tips appearing soon below this article.

M.Brusatin Storia dei colori, 2000. and video of lecture from Accademia Nazionale di San Luca – Academy multimedia colection

Il colore é la forma delle cose, il linguaggio della luce e delle tenebre.” (Hugo von Hofmannsthal “The color is the shape of things, the language of light and darkness.”)

Il colore é il luogo dove si incontrano il nostro cervello e l’universo” (Paul Cezanne quoted by P.Klee “The color is the place where our brain and universe meet“)

“Come è noto, le immagini che si formano nel nostro cervello non sono affatto una riproduzione fotografica della realtà, ma un’elaborazione e un’interpretazione delle differenti tonalità di luce emanate dai pigmenti da parte del nostro cervello, il quale procede anche a memoria, completando dettagli che non rileviamo, rifinendo il non-finito (…) . Come aveva già intuito Matisse: Vedere è già un’operazione creativa che richiede uno sforzo.  È il colore la prima cosa che percepisce il cervello, poi le forme, poi il movimento.” (P.L. Albini Paul Klee. Una ricognizione. Seminario di studio, 2004 : “As you know, the images formed in our brain are not a photographic reproduction of reality, but an interpretation and processing of different shades of light produced by pigments from our brain, which processes memory too, completing details that we don’t detect, finishing the non-finished (…). As Matisse already guessed: To see is already a creative operation that requires an effort. The color is the first thing which the brain perceives, then the shapes, then the movement.”)

opening one’s mind once again to  #awinetale #wearingintensities #wearingthecoloursofwine  (tags for social networking)

well, this will be the spirit of Gioielli in Fermento 2014


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 CLOSED__ Bando Gioielli in fermento 2014_Annoucement

Convocatoria (español/spanish text)

deadline March 2nd 2014


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    Iris Apfel: “Non bisogna avere paura dei colori / Don’t be afraid of colours

    So begins her talking the most amazing American style icon in one of her recent visit to Europe (at the Link Jewelry Summit) – certainly not the only one, but a perspective should be taken into consideration when we are dealing with a wearable work: who and why should wear it …



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