Lucilla Giovanninetti


Ancora Again

Esplosione di colori, da una zolla di terra madre.
Come il vino, il fuoco, o astratte fioriture.
Ciclo naturale delle stagioni, che esplode ridendo alla vita.

Explosions of colors coming from a clod of mother earth
Likewise wine, fire or abstract flourishing
Again, the natural cycle of seasons that smiles to life with explosions of colors.

Lucilla Giovanninetti | Italy
spilla, brooch 2014
viscosa, resina, ottone, cm 14 x 12 x 10
viscose, resin, brass

Gioielli in Fermento 2014 Wearing intensities

“My interest in jewelry goes back to my years at the university when I began to study it from a historical and iconographic point of view. As a I deepened my knowledge both on a stylistic and formal level. Over the years I have taught history of jewelry in several design schools.
For several years until now my research has been oriented towards a possible bond between metal and fabric.
My interest lies with the design process, starting from the flat shape cut from the fabric that then gets painted, elaborated upon, sewn and hardened with resin. I am truly fascinated by the wonder behind the material; its lightness, its chromatic processing, and at times its unpleasant aesthetics. “



Lucilla Giovanninetti vive e lavora a Milano

Realizza una linea di gioielli col marchio Eandare e gioielli tessili pezzi unici.
Membro di AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.
1991- 2007
Collaborazione con la Biblioteca della moda Tremelloni Milano
Docente progettazione bijoux
Ha prodotto una propria linea di bijoux, accessori e abiti col marchio Lucilla Gi.
1986 – 2000 Progettazione e realizzazione di linee di bigiotteria, accessori e abbigliamento per aziende.
Laurea in Lettere Moderne, indirizzo artistico nel 1988 – Università degli Studi di Milano.

Lucilla Giovanninetti 1962,  lives and works in Milan, Italy

In charge of making jewelry and accessories for several companies.
Currently developing her own men’s and women’s silver, bronze and fabric jewelry collection named Eandare.
1992 – 2007  Designed and produced own custom jewelry and accessories collection under the label Lucilla Gi.
Collaborating at the Tramelloni Fashion Library in Milan, Italy.
1996 – 2000 Designed and built exclusive custom jewelry and accessories collections for major clothing/leather goods/ beauty product companies.
teaching experience at IED MODA LAB Istituto Europeo del Design, Milan, Italy, “Jewelry Design” course.
AGC member.
1988  Modern Literature Degree, with an artistic specialization. State University of Milan

1989 Post-graduate specialization for “Fashion Industry Professionals”, a course aimed at training product managers and collection coordinators. State University of Bologna
2006  Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, Milano



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Gioielli in Fermento 2014 – Premio Torre Fornello IV edizione
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