Alina Carp

Alina Carp


Freedom and constraint
Two powerful opposite concepts between which humanity evolves, they are like the night and the day, the reality and the ideality, the perfect and the imperfect. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said:
“Freedom and constraint are two aspects of the same necessity, which is to be what one is and no other.” The image of a horse roaming freely on a field represent one of the greatest feeling of breaking the barriers, of liberty. This majestic animal accompanied man from the very beginning of the humankind. He is loyal, powerful, positive, trustful, being everything one needs to overcome difficulties or to find the wild, not censored, limitless freedom.

Alina Carp | Romania
spilla, brooch 2016
argento, keumboo con oro 24k e patina, ottone, resina, pigmento, foglia d’oro
silver, patina and 24k gold keumboo, brass mesh, resin, pigment, gold leaf

Gioielli in Fermento 2016 Freedom and constraint


Chemistry | Gioielli in Fermento 2014
anello, ring
acciaio, argento, lana, resina, microsfere di vetro
steel, silver, wool, resin, glass microspheres

Gioielli in Fermento 2014 Wearing intensities

Alina Carp, Chemistry, ring

Good things are coming in small portions, so speaking about the drop of wine, here is the ring I called Chemistry. All the colors of the world, symbolizing the sun, the earth and the water, impersoned by a fragment of rainbow, are melting together to create the pure, crystal clear, intense red, the color of the enchanting liquid.
While creating this jewel, I had in mind the good vibration of the red but coming down this time, to the level of microscopical view of the wine. Magnifying makes the wine drop looks a multitude of colors, blue, green, violet and yellow, just like a piece of a rainbow.








Alina Carp vive e lavora a Bucharest in Romania.

Alina Carp, 1967,  lives and works in Bucharest, Romania
Graduated in 1992 University of medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.
In 2005 like a signal: she won first prize in art contest for doctors on world congress of ENT in Rome.
From then on she started to think jewelry making should be her real direction.
Attended jewelry courses in yrs 2011-2014 at Assamblage with David Sandu in Bucharest and in Italy at Alchimia and Le Arti Orafe, both Art Jewelry Schools in Florence, with Daniela Boieri and Marzia Rosi, Ruud Peters, Yoko Shimizu, Lucia Massei.
She focuses on contemporary jewelry participating at
Autor Bucharest since 2010 and Jewelry Design Fair Bucharest in 2012, 2013
and been noticed again winning in 2013 the Autor Awesome Award for the best jewel. Participates at Joya international art jewelry fair in Barcelona, SOFA Chicago and Gioielli in Fermento ed. 2014-2016

“On days I create a jewel, I go to sleep happy and I look forward to a new day”
Success, failure, insecurity, fulfillment, sadness, searches, dissatisfaction, love, fuels my creativity reactor and are the stimuli that trigger my artistic impulse and always help me to retrieve myself in the middle of this versatile universe.

Emotions and their artistic fulfillment have opened my eyes to the real choices in life and led me to define myself on the fly, as both I and the world around me have changed.
Today, engaged on the road I’ve always dreamed to choose, I look back to the great turning and it looks easier to discern the answers to the questions that maybe all of us ask ourselves, more or less consciously: who and where am I, who and where I want to be. And even if the answer is not yet clear for me, in the days I create a jewel, I go to sleep happy and I look forward to a new day.


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Gioielli in Fermento 2015 – Premio Torre Fornello V edizione
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