Timeless_SelDì Collection by Daniela Sellone_Isabelle Busnel brooch_Courtesy of CreativityGalleryTorino_Ph Daniele Ratti



SAVE THE DATE: DAL 23/9 AL 14/10/2017

Opening 23 Sept 2017 – from 6pm to 9pm

Gioielli in Fermento hosted at Creativity gallery in Turin

Creativity gallery
Via Carlo Alberto 40/f-Torino
t. +39 011 81 77 864
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Creativity Oggetti Gallery presents TIMELESS – THE CONTEMPORARY JEWEL WORN by Sel.Dì. on Saturday 23rd September 2017 from 6pm to 9pm.
Together with the presentation of the FW1718 Collection clothes by Turin designer Sel.Di–Daniela Sellone, contemporary jewellery will be shown, worn and shot (by photographer Daniele Ratti) during the evening.
The jewels of the following designers will be presented by Creativity Gallery: Aqto, Silvia Beccaria, Daniela Boni, Isabelle Busnel, Clara Del Papa, Pastore e Bovina, Laura Forte, Christine Jalio, Anna Król, Uli Rapp, Giulia Savino, Chiara Scarpitti, Barbara Uderzo, Alena Willroth, Elena Valenti , Ksenia Vohkmentseva.
The event Guest Star is a selection of pieces from the international exhibit Gioielli in Fermento (Fermenting Jewellery), a happy union between the “contemporary jewellery world and the contemporary wine world: in both cases the natural element is turned into something precious and unique” (as stated in the general catalog presentation curated by Eliana Negroni).
Full information –> Press release
Free entrance
The exhibition and the Sel.Di FW1718 collection will exceptionally be for sale at the Creativity Oggetti from 23rd September to 14th October.
Corrado De Meo VINUM NOSTRUM, brooch, Gioielli in Fermento 2017 Ph.Federico Cavicchioli


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